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  • Parcours Bijoux 2017

    4+1 : Beyond the comfort-zone

    4+1 is a collective of four women, all ceramic jewelers, who live all four in four different European cities.

    For Parcours Bijoux 2017, the 4 got together around 1 rule and 1 material: porcelain.

    As a start, each made one mold from plaster. A plaster mold is one of the key elements for ceramic work, and here the basis of the project. The four molds travel from studio to studio, resulting in four different starting points for each one to create a collection of one-off jewelry.

    The work of the collective will be presented from October 3. > 28. at the renowned Chocolaterie Patrick Roger in Paris, 2-4 place Saint-Sulpice.

    All the details are on the project-page here : www.quatreplusun.com